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Enviromentally Friendly Home

Eco-friendly walls, minimal building refuse, perfect thermal insulation index

Fast Construction

More than 50 pre-fabricated home plans with exterior and interior design, simply building, turn-key homes within 6-8 months.

Good Price-Value

Accouding to convensional building, the historical cost cheaper without compromise..

Bigger Net m2 

Accourding to convensional homes, the Net m2 can be more than 15%. So, you are able to save 5-8 Million Ft.

Outstanding energy label

Our houses achieve the BB energy level in standard construction. With a little expenditure your home can be AA+ energy leveled. 

More than 200 homes in 2 years

Our mission is to get off your shoulders, provide everything which you need to build a family house.

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Technical specification, standard technical content

We are thankful for your interest in Homes4you prefabricated houses. The below description is the standard technical content, of course it is possible to deviate from this in individual cases.

The exact technical content in each case is determined by the architect's construction plan, the internal configurator and specifics of the final contract concluded between the Parties.

Valid for contracts signed after 1st of March, 2022:

"Structure-ready phase" (Liapor grounding, Liapor main- and partition walls + roof)

a.) Grounding (in standard cases we make an insulated plate base according to the below layer order):

- excavations/earth-works (not included in the price)

- 30 cm crushed stone bed

- Doerken waterproofing

- ATN150 or ATN200 20 cm EPS lagging

- 25 cm reinforced concrete (C24)

- waste pipe connection according to construction plan

- 1 piece of high voltage input

b. Masonry (Walls):

- external main Praefa Liapor walls 15 cm thick

- internal partition Praefa liapor walls 10-12 cm thick (according to the production plan)

- standard wall height for one-storey houses 270 or 275 cm (according to the construction plan)

- standard internal height of 260 cm (from the floor to the suspended ceiling)

- slotting of water-conduits based on individual water plans

- protective tubes and electric boxes of the high-voltage power installation, 3 sockets, 1 light-switch, 1 thermostat per room and 1 coax preparation in the living room

- welded corner points, reinforced with concrete

- the production and the delivery cost in a 200km area from ​​Budapest is included

Storeyed-houses: (non - standard price! Storeyed-houses on our website

include the following):

- for storeyed-houses, the construction of an internal staircase is not part of the standard construction

- in case of storeyed-houses a concrete slab up to a maximum of 22cm thickness is included

- one cranage day up to a 200sqm ground-space, with the following prerequisite: proper accessibility of the house location and an adequate soil quality to support the crane

- for storeyed- houses cranage for 3 days including the lifting of the slab

c. Roof

- 10x15 cm wooden base

- slatted roof structure (treated wood, prefabricated)

- gabled design

- Roof inclination of 18-25°

- tins, gutters in the same color as the roofing

- barrier (counter -stave) and vapour (humidity)-permeable water-stopper foil

- roofing standard tiles in anthracite, dark brown or brick red colour

- Concrete tiles are available at additional cost, Bramac Novo as standard

- stick up to a maximum of 50cm covered with a sheet of magnesia

External turn-key (External "Kulcsrakész") status

a. the exterior doors and windows

- 6 air-lock, 3-layer glazed plastic windows (U = min 0.7 W.m2 K)

- white doors and windows as standard, both inside and outside

- 3 colors available at an additional cost: (outside colored, inside white; exterior colors:

anthracite, golden oak, walnut)

- 1 double-leaf balcony-door per building (sliding door extra charge)

- 1 entrance door with standard handle, same color as window, design to be chosen

- external cornices (sills): a simple plate sill - same color as the windows

- in standard circumstances shutter and its preparation(!) is not included in the price

b. thermal insulation

- thermal insulation of 20cm white EPS (liapor wall + 20cm EPS: U = 0.16) Graphite eps available at additional cost

- plinth thermal insulation up to a height of 10 cm XPS max 30 cm

c. external surface configuration

- unicolored bright noble-rendering with a grain size of 1.5

- multicolor rendering, stone revetment, other facade decorations are available at an additional cost

- plinth coloring: standard does not have visible plinths for our houses, so those are not treated with any plasterer material

Internal turn-key (INTERNAL "Kulcsrakész" ) phase

a. Electrical installation

- 7 stops per room (3 solo sockets, 1 switch, 1 lamp stop, 1 piece thermostat, 1 coax); it is considered a complete room: living room, kitchen, bedrooms, laundry room, bathroom. The pantry, toilet, hall, corridor have in total: 4 pcs switches, 4 lamp stops, 1 thermostat, 5 solo sockets. 1 piece of fuse board on the wall and 1 outdoor lamp stand.

- kits in one color white Legrand Valena or Schneider Asfora

- under standard circumstances connection to the meter is not included

b. Plumbing

- 7 stands per house at a standard price

- non-standard quantities can be requested at an additional cost

- in standard circumstances connection to the meter is not included

- Assembly 7 stands

c. Slab

- no standard floor slab is made, the mansard is not suitable for packing either

- one assembly door in the mansard can be constructed in at an additional cost

- 30 cm blown cellulose thermal insulation (extra layer available at extra cost)

- thermal mirror film fixed on a plasterboard frame in one layer

- suspended ceilings of suspended plasterboard without stucco and other extra designs

d. Internal surface configuration

- walls do not require plastering

- double glettelés, twice white painting according to minimum Q2 requirements

- wall covering up to the ceiling with SPC or Vinyl in the bathroom, separate toilet and laundry room

(ca be chosen from the catalog, up to 7,000 HUF / sqm)

- currently we do not undertake tiling due to lack of experts, but we can take alternative solutions

- color wall painting, wallpapering, etc. is not possible, not even at additional cost (!)

e. Floor covering

- leveling (depending on the selected quality of the concrete technology)

- waterproof SPC cover in bathroom, separate toilet and laundry room (to be chosen from the catalogue, minimum 8 mm thick)

- SPC or laminate flooring in other rooms (to be chosen from the catalogue)

If the customer does not want to choose from our catalogue, then the purchase of the product and transport must be handled by him/her.

f. Heating

- in standard circumstances we use central heating with air / air heat-pump central heat exchanger

that solves the heating during winter time and the cooling in summer. The system

due to the peculiarity of the building with a temperature controller. For an extra charge separate

room-by-room regulator is possible. Details:

- Water underfloor heating, electric underfloor heating or other solutions possible for extra charge upon request

g. Interior doors

- freely selectable from 8 CPL types with standard handle

If required, several decorations/designs can be ordered at an additional cost.

h. Interior window sills

- plasterboard design as standard without plastic or other cornice

i. Household hot water

- Ariston Lydos Hybrid 100 boiler (heat pump)

j. Sanitary ware

- Toilet: Geberit Sigma with tank built into the wall and pushing button (standard variety, WC

cups and seats are not included, but their installation is)

- faucets (standard version does not include faucets, but includes installation)

- bathroom furniture, washbasins neither material nor installation/assembling is included

- bathtub: 1 piece of 60cm straight built-in bathtub per house included

- shower cabin: 1 prefabricated shower cabin per house built-in (up to 80,000 HUF / pc)

- built-in shower enclosure: available upon request for extra charge without extra glass wall and glass door

- our colleagues do not drill any tiles, cold coverings, shelves, towel rails are not installed

The above prices are not to be considered as a binding offer, those are only indicative. The exact price can be given after reading the complete plan documentation. Any eventual extras or architect solutions may increase the price! (higher roof, flat roof, concrete slab, concrete staircase, retaining wall, other heating, etc.)

Prices do NOT include any additional costs that can be generated by cranage or on-site delivery!

Standard construction time is currently 6-8 months.